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Environment & sustainable development

This collection is dedicated to the world’s most innovative and outstanding social, societal and green entrepreneurs : They create with a conscience, care for mind and body, preserve the environment and take action to help others ! These ordinary people, met on the 5 continents, relate their extraordinary stories and inventions with passion and conviction !

Environment & sustainable development
THE HANDS OF THE SEA // 52' - 2017

Marco is a “hand-liner”, in other words a professional line fisherman. He doesn’t use nets that trap fish at random, but is in direct contact with a "chosen", living fish, spared from drowning over many hours in the pelagic nets that spoil the flesh.
Respected by his colleagues, he is the oldest of the ten hand-liners in St Jean de Luz bay. His watchword: "Small fishing - the only technique with a great future!

Environment & sustainable development

Eric, an erudite and spiritual editor from Bordeaux, takes us on a journey to discover the cep mushroom. He introduces us to Jacques Guiberteau from INRA, Europe’s top agricultural research institute, responsible for some highly unlikely attempts at its domestication; meets mushroom pickers from the Basque Country and Creuse to reveal the social and economic implications of this autumnal treasure; visits the Villefranche cep market in the Dordogne and the Italian forests in which ceps are worth...

Environment & sustainable development
OF LOCUSTS AND MEN // 52' - 2017

Ultimate symbol of the Wrath of God in the collective mind, locusts invasions do not however relate to an ancient past only. In Madagascar, this awkward natural phenomenon has recently been so intense that it has plunged millions of people into utter misery.

Imagine huge clouds of implacable insects ravaging and devouring crops and grazing fields. For the rural populations of Madagascar who often live in complete isolation and whose survival depends entirely on their small plot...

Environment & sustainable development

A climate dilemma in the Arctic circle ! Located in the Svalbard archipelago, Longyearbyen is the northernmost city in the world. Here we extract coal for one hundred years as an energetic and economic source, which stirs many environmental paradoxes. In 2015, the mayor election year, the coal prices fall and the issue of sustainable development starts to emerge in the minds. For scientists, politicians and city locals, Longyearbyen is now facing a race against the clock.

Environment & sustainable development
EKKO ARKTIK // 52' - 2016

Two groups of teenagers venture on a week-long Arctic expedition on the Svalbard archipelago. Through concrete activities, these young people, mentored by Samuel Duc, teacher and former arctic guide, will appreciate the 21st century issues regarding climate change. Surrounded by the predominant landskapes of Longyearbyen and in contact with local residents and manufacturers, they will learn how to fit into the world as responsible human beings.

Environment & sustainable development
THE LAST COUNCIL // 48' - 2016

The Last Council tells the story of 13 old ladies, native grandmothers and charismatic ambassadors of oral civilisations: living libraries, keepers of long forgotten traditions, each of these grandmothers is the image of a culture. They come from Central Africa, Nepal, Tibet, North and South America. They talk about their commitment to the cause of ecology and earth preservation, adressing women of every generation, sharing, through their vision of what it is to be a woman, the knowledge of...

Environment & sustainable development

A sand speck odyssey. Beached on an Atlantic shore, blown by the north wind on the grey and white dunes, reaching the outskirts of a forest, it runs through a multitude of ecosystems. Each of them is a universe filled with species incredibly and often spectacularly adapted to both the absence of water and the presence of the ocean.
Told as the story of the life of a speck of sand, the film offers a positive -for a change- vision of man's interaction with Nature. Because modern dunes were...

Environment & sustainable development

Driven by stronger and more frequent storms, the Atlantic coast is inexorably retreating while the Aquitaine coastline loses ground each year. Between global warming and occasionally invasive urbanization, man has no choice but to reinvent his relationship to the ocean. Those who have chosen to live on the Aquitaine coast tell us in their own words about the difficulties they are experiencing. Associations, scientists and MPs are leading the fight and imagining a different future, sometimes...

Environment & sustainable development
INTO THE FRENCH WILD // 5 x 52' - 2014

This series invites us to immerse ourselves in the French countryside in the company of a passionate naturalist, ornithologist and biodiversity specialist, Rémi Dupouy. A treasure hunt in search of amazing species, magnificent landscapes and an animal and plant heritage in need of preservation.
At one with the natural world, Rémi gives us the benefit of his keen sense of observation in this family show: education, contemplation, revelation, fascination and the transmission of knowledge...

Environment & sustainable development
INSPIRE YOUR LIFE // 4 x 26' - 2013 - 2014

Social entrepreneurs are the heroes of today. At a time when the future of mankind is in danger, their selfless commitment to other people and the planet is providing inspiration for a growing number of young people in search of meaningful and exhilarating activities. The title of this new collection, "Inspire Your Life", revisits Gandhi’s invitation to "Be the change that we wish to see in the world".
These first episodes tell the story of four exceptional social entrepreneurs, who, for...

Environment & sustainable development

The Fukushima disaster has reopened the debate on the dangers of nuclear energy and the transparency of those exploiting a highly politicised industry. In response to the European Commission’s demands, France has agreed to carry out "Stress Tests" to assess the safety of all its power plants. Within an environment where industry and politics are more closely linked than ever, 1,100 incidents were reported last year on French soil. The reason: the massive recourse to subcontracting in the Atomic...

Environment & sustainable development

In a film from 1971 that’s never seen before, a dozen young idealists leave Paris for a mythical return to the land.
We meet them again forty years on… The precursors of organic farming and solidarity-based economy in France, they’ve all managed to thrive by inventing a new relationship with the earth.

Environment & sustainable development

Sustainable development… is this trend affecting the equestrian world? The answer is YES, and it’s not a trend!
In a tense environment with breeders and farmers in the front line, accused of placing the health of both humans and animal at risk through polluting practices, some horsemen, horse breeders and equestrian managers are moving the traditional lines of resistance. These pioneers are coming up with new solutions which could place the horse within the heart of a more ecological...

Environment & sustainable development
INVENTAIRE // 61 x 2'30'' - 2010 - 2011

An animal inventory.
Large enough to find out a representation of our world.
A programme with beautiful images and numbers to discover in a glimpse the essential information that make these animals beings apart.

2 minutes 30 seconds to discover in images and numbers 1 animal and its particularities.
5 numbers about its everyday life, the 6th like an alarm signal.
A voice over version is available to have more information.

Saison 1...

Environment & sustainable development

Global warming could drastically alter the world wine map. This phenomenon pushes winegrowers to conquer new lands, moving ever further towards the poles. Temperatures are expected to rise from 3° to 5°C by 2050, accompanied by a decrease in summertime precipitation, much more frequent heat waves (over 35°C) that are fatal to grapevines, increased soil erosion and irrigation problems.
This catastrophic scenario for an entire economy is a reality. Tomorrow's wines may no longer taste the...

Environment & sustainable development
THE EYE OF THE GUARANA // 52' - 2009

Today, energy drinks, such as Dark Dog and Red Bull have become a worldwide phenomenon. The food processing multinationals are investing heavily in selling these new drinks to a whole new generation, advertising them as miracle products because of the energy boost they provide.
The main ingredient in these beverages is guarana, a plant native to Amazonia, which is very rich in caffeine.
But behind these drinks lies the phenomenon of globalization bringing two attitudes, and...

Environment & sustainable development

The Gold Man Prize is known as the “Nobel Prize” for environmentalists. Every year since 1990, this famous North American award recognizes people who go through extraordinary struggles to preserve our planet.

Sébastien Viaud is a French teacher and a photographer. He went for a trip around the world meeting these tremendous people awarded by the Gold Man Prize.

The documentary "Gold Men" is the story of this trip. Spanning five countries, we discover five different...

Environment & sustainable development
THE LADY IN RED // 52' - 2006

Through the success of a partnership between 14,000 Senegalese tomato producers and a French industrialist, the film shows how an original development model based on dialogue, consensus, a respect for human values and the sharing of wealth can offer hope in the face of liberalism and globalisation.

Environment & sustainable development
KAIETEUR // 52' - 2006

This documentary reports the expedition of the Belgium herpetologist Philippe Kok in the Kaieteur (Guyana) natural reserve that host one of the highest waterfalls in the world. This reptile and batrachians specialist knows well the region: each year he discovers new species in the park.
For this new expedition, Paul his Amerindian assistant and Kinky a diamond seeker accompanied Philippe. As time passes, the three companions become friends. In their path we discover the Kaiteur rain...

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